Our Mission:

Uplift, Transform, Engage!


At the historic Ute Theatre, we aspire to Uplift, Transform, and Engage through live performances, films, and special events!



VERB  / ʌpˈlɪft /  

  1. to elevate;

  2. to bring forth joyous laughter;

  3. raise spirits.

When we uplift, we are making a conscious effort to increase positivity, improve our state of being, and inspire the same in those around us. Uplifting can hold great gravity, or can be light and joyous, emanating laughter, love, and levity. By seeking out positivity and becoming an infectious force of happiness, we elevate not only moods, but also the quality of our actions.

At the Historic Ute Theatre, we Uplift — through humor in our performances, empowerment in our programming, positive representation in our community. Laugh, dance, express, and elate with us!



VERB   / trænsˈfɔrm /

  1. to change the condition of;

  2. to heal;

  3. to undergo liberation.

When we transform, we are altering a state of being that restricts us from embodying our highest intentions. We transform usually out of necessity to break through inertia, through immense pressure, and into uplifted clarity. Transformation challenges us to be dissatisfied with that which no longer serves us, and push higher; this can be radically healing.

At the Historic Ute Theatre, we Transform — through musical performances that reclaim lost voices, through theatrical interpretations that change narratives, and through healthy concession choices. Create, mend, bend, and expand with us!



VERB  / ɛnˈgeIdʒ /

  1. to connect with;

  2. to captivate;

  3. to energize.

When we engage, we are deliberately connecting to ideas, others, and ourselves. Engaging is a deep dive into that which captures our attention, and in engaging, we commit our energy. When we extend our energy into what we care about, we are inviting others to do the same. In this, like uplifting and transforming, we are raising the quality of the way in which we engage with the world.

At the Historic Ute Theatre, we Engage — through entertainment that captivates, programming the educates, and activities that connect our community members. Bond, learn, explore, and embrace with us!